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Happy Valentine's Day: Navigation not functioning

by Rivqa on 02/14/14

Happy Valentine's Day
I realized in the changes I am making that some of my page's navigation is smack across the top of the graphics. Please be patient while I correct this problem. Thanks

Making a Solar Food Dehydrator

by Rivqa on 02/12/14

Shared by Skills for Survival and Naturewitch, has shared some excellent information on creating your own solar food dehydrator. Be sure to check this post out to find out more.

Solar Food Dehydrator

It's Been One of Those Days or Maybe One of Those Weeks

by Rivqa on 01/16/14

I've spent a couple days figuring out administration of a couple Google Domains I purchased a year ago. They are scheduled to renew in about a week and can't access the administration to set them to auto-renew. It's been a major hoop jumping feat and still not very close to any resolve.
Google along with internet technology is ever changing so I might as well brace myself. lol
Doesn't help I seem to have major pain in my back this week. sigh
I'm just about to the point of saying "never mind, they aren't that important".

Sadly I got off focus from what needed to be done in other areas.
Soooo back at it again and refocusing.

You ever have those days you get off focus and wanna kick yourself?

It's Finally Warming Up Outside

by Rivqa on 01/11/14

Burn Barrel, Rocky photo Barrel4Burning.jpg
Due to my blog not allowing me to embed the video, please
watch on youtube at
or on my blogger at
Well it's finally warm enough to burn in the burn barrel. I thought I'd have a little fun with this. The other day when it was sooo cold out I thought about the movie, Rocky and how they were standing around the burn barrel on the street corner, singing "Take Me Back"(actually I think the correct title is "Take You Back". I had to laugh and made a short little clip to have fun with this. Enjoy and follow me on youtube if you'd like.

Baby It's Cold Outside

by Rivqa on 01/04/14

It's really bitter cold here and getting colder. I hear somewhere around -10 to -25 by tomorrow night with wind chills -30 to -40 wind chill. 

I spent some time bringing in wood and kindling for the stove.
I took a nap earlier and curled up with a book for a few. When it's this cold I have to keep checking the wood stove and the animals outside.
Several weeks ago I created a shelter for a cat who won't let me near it. I have been feeding it and have enclosed a small mini green house with tarps and blankets, equipping it with a heating pad.
Today I put straw inside and around the mini green house in hopes that the cat will be warmer. Although I haven't seen it for a few days. Maybe not a good sign. Hoping for the best.

Be sure to make sure any animals you have outdoors have shelter, are bedded down with straw and inside if your in an area that is facing extreme cold like I am .
I've added extra straw and fed them a bit more higher nutrition foods the last few days to help them combat the cold.
Also I go out often to make sure the water isn't frozen.
I have the generator running to keep heat going in the barn but with the bitter cold one can't be sure they are going to stay warm enough out there.

I realize the cows and other outside livestock, even horses can tolerate a lot more cold than we can but I'm not taking chances.
I remember all the cows that died in the freakish snow storm of October in South Dakota.

And for heaven's sake be careful to take care of your human self. Frostbite can occur in a matter of minutes right now.

Be thankful we don't live here! Small things to be thankful for!

Coldest village in the world just got even COLDER... weather takes turn for the worse in -71C Russian hamlet where even the planes can't land in winter. Watch the video and read the article at the link below.

Love the picture below from

2011 Atom Awards Free Public Screening

Time to get off here, check stove and animals.
Stay warm! 

NSA Building Computer to Break 'Nearly Every Kind of Encryption'

by Rivqa on 01/03/14

How do you feel about NSA building a computer that can break about any encryption?
It makes me feel quite uneasy to say the least.
Read more....NSA

A New Year

by Rivqa on 01/03/14

It's a new year~2014. What changes and plans do you have for the year.
Me, I'm getting back to simplier things in life.
I had orginally began my site with the mission of products for simple living as well as some who still use electricity and furnaces.
I've dropped the ball on this and veered too far away from it.
Look to see more simple living products and articles for those who live a simple life without all the on grid perks. In addition, I will still carry home decor and many things for those who do live on grid.
Looking forward to more in 2014 as well as it to get a bit rougher around us. It's important to keep our joy in the journey don't you think!

Today is the Last day of "25 Days till Christmas"

by Rivqa on 12/14/13

Today is the last day of "25 Days of Christmas" .
Thanks everyone for participating!

Day 14 of "25 Days till Christmas" Give Aways and Sweet Deals

by Rivqa on 12/14/13

Today's Give Away is a limited edition from Country Whispers~"Joys of Winter" soy tart warmer wax
to be used in any warmer.

First 2 people to fill out the form get a free scent bar of "Joys of Winter"
Let the holiday fun begin.

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